All states have their limitation on the allowable time when you can file an injury claim. There are also certain conditions that are considered. If you did not see a doctor right after the car accident, it may be difficult to convince the judge or jury that the implications of the incident are severe. Also, insurance companies do everything they can to minimize claims. An insurance claim adjuster may even call after the incident and put on the pressure to settle for a minimal claim.


In general, you have 2 years from the car accident to file a claim. The same rule is a mandate for personal injury claims. There are several exceptions:

  • The first applies to an injured minor. The California statute of limitations doesn’t begin to run until the 18th birthday of the minor. After turning 18, the victim has 2 years to file a claim.
  • The second exception applies to those who do not discover the accident-related injury immediately after the incident. Some symptoms or signs may take days or weeks to show. In these cases, the victim has 2 years from the date of discovery of the injury to file a personal injury claim. It may be more difficult to prove that the injury was related to the accident. However, a Fresno personal injury lawyer can review your case and determine how long you have to file the claim. If a collision leads to tragic death, the surviving members have 2 years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim.
  • If a car accident damaged the vehicle but did not result in personal injury, you have 3 years from the date of collision to file a property damage claim in California.


The full value of your losses may not be apparent after a car accident. Many injuries have long-lasting effects that may require years of ongoing treatment, even for a whole lifetime. The law mandates that victims may seek compensation for losses incurred as well as an estimate of demonstrable losses that may be incurred in the future. A personal injury attorney in Fresno, California may help you accurately estimate and prove future losses. Guesswork is not enough to determine future losses. Complex calculations are based on various factors including the amount of treatment determined by your doctors and estimated inflation, sustained impairments that impede you from returning to work, age and health prior to the accident, earning capacity, income, and benefits prior to injuries, among others.


Lawsuits take time for investigation and preparation before you can file a solid claim. Schedule a consultation with Bridge Car Accident Lawyers Fresno 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Get the just compensation for your case by acting as soon as you can so your lawyers have enough time to file your claim and fight for your rights. Besides, with the financial burdens of car accidents, the faster you get compensation, the better for you.